Monday, February 22, 2010

A Ban on Hair Extensions?

After finishing my homework assignments last night, I was surfing the internet and reading random news stories. I came across this interesting article out of the UK, about the dangers associated with hair extensions. We have all heard a bad weave story, or a story about bad hair extensions. Some of us may have even experienced it ourselves, personally, and or professionally. Many have suffered breakage and hair loss, that can take years to recover from. In some situations, the hair may never make a full recovery. A group of Trichologists (scientists that study the hair and scalp) in the UK have come together, to call for a ban of hair extensions in their country. Check out the article below.

One of the biggest hair science groups in the UK has called for a ban on hair extensions.
The Trichological Society says a growing number of salons are offering to do them at a cheap price and some hairdressers don’t have the qualifications to put them in properly.
The organization says that’s leading to more young women suffering from hair problems such as bald patches and alopecia.
“People who have hair extensions usually have high hopes they’ll look and feel good but very often it ends in tears,” the BBC quoted Barry Stevens, a hair scientist who runs the group, as saying.
“There can be quite serious consequences wearing them for a long period. They are capable of destroying hair permanently,” he said.
Researchers in the US and Italy say problems with them are more common than reported.
The report says some women have no visible signs of hair loss even though their scalp could be suffering when looked at more closely.
Barry Stevens has worked with many women who’ve taken legal action after having their hair ruined by extensions.
After years of examining hundreds of women’s hair and scalps, he thinks extensions which are glued-in, sewn-in or attached with a metal ring should be banned in the UK.
“Hair extensions pull out one’s natural hair,” he warned.
“They’re heavy, don’t absorb water easily and can tangle very quickly,” he stated.
He also says because hair extensions have grown in popularity, buying the hair is much cheaper than it used to be and more salons are offering to put them in at a reasonably cheap price.
“The quality of hair can make a big difference. Any poor quality hair will snag with brushing and combing and eventually rip your hair out,” he added.
But Shola Rose, who’s been a hairdresser in London for more than 12 years, doesn’t agree with calls to ban hair extensions.
“If you have extensions, you should have them done properly, in terms of how often you have them removed and have them washed,” she said.
“If your hairdressers tell you to have a break, then you should take one, not go to another shop. Only qualified hairdressers should apply them.
“Some hair salons do them at a bargain price and the hair is of a poor quality. I do think there should be a governing body for hairdressers which we don’t have at the moment in the UK,” she added.
Eighteen-year-old student Sonja Elair from Clapham in London regularly has hair extensions.
“Hair extensions are generally quite good but it all depends on how you have them done,” she said.
“If you use a lot of glue then it can damage your hair but if you sew-in the hair it actually grows it. Canerowing your hair also helps grow it.
“You should stick to one person doing your hair as they’ll be able to monitor your hair on a regular basis,” she added.

It will be interesting to see if The Trichology Society wins their case, and if a ban will be placed on hair extensions in the UK. Would hair weaves be included in this ban? How would this affect the hair industry across the pond? There are many things that would probably come into consideration in this case.
I didn't share this article to take a jab at those who choose to wear weaves or extensions. No matter how you choose to wear your hair, you should do your research and be well informed about your choice. A little research can save your hair, and your hard earned money.


Squirly said...

Its sad, When i was younger I has Long Thick wonderful hair. Now its thinner and shoulder length. I had perms in my head since i was like maybe 8 years old. I don't know if that's the reason my hair changed so much over the years of what.

As an adult I got Hair extensions. and they was fine. My hair Looked thicker because of it. But the hair i used got knotty and couldn't be combed any more. So when i got the hair removed by the salon... so much dead hair was just falling out. So that was my first and only im using extensions and prob wont again. Now im using much less perms and taking care of my hair a bit more naturally.

Natural Nina said...

I started out with relaxers at a young age as well, and before that it was gherri curls. My hair is no longer as thick as it was as a child. I never got into wearing hair weaves, I've probably had 3 in my whole life. I don't like how it feels in my head. After seeing years of damage due to weaves and relaxers, I am glad that I don't do either one to my hair.

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